What Does The Deck Say? December 31, 2019

Legacy of the Divine: The Fool (0), 6 of Swords, & 10 of Swords (reversed).

Today’s cards: The Fool (0), 6 of Swords, & 10 of Swords (reversed).

If you breathe a word of it to anyone else, they will be quick to tell you that you haven’t the first fucking clue what you are doing and that your naïveté will be your undoing. They’re half right. No, you have no idea what you are about to get yourself involved in, but if you don’t make that jump into it now, you won’t get out of the situation that they would rather you remain captive in. When someone tells you that you can’t, examine their motives and justifications. Is it really to protect you, or to protect what they perceive is your place in their world? Sometimes to arrive at yourself you have to leave their story.

The Legacy of the Divine is a work of art by Ciro Marchetti. Warm images tell a fantastic story across rural, urban, and fantasy settings. A visually inviting deck, it has hints of esotericism for those that are seeking such things, but those hints do not interfere with those that do not. The Legacy of the Divine is designed by Ciro Marchetti and ©Llewellyn Worldwide.

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