What Does The Deck Say? August 11 2017

Tavaglione’s Stairs of Gold Tarot is a richly decorated esoteric book in the form of 78 tarot cards. The deck can read as slim as necessary and as deep as the reader is willing to focus. Eschewing Golden Dawn attributions, this deck leads the reader and querent down a path where Waite does not exist.

Today’s cards: 6 of Coins, 2 of Staves, & 6 of Staves.

You can’t undo what happened yesterday. Even if you were to able to push the knob back into place, the effects it brought about can’t be unwound. You’re going to have to make amends, and you’re going to have to do it honestly. You can’t cheat your way out of the consequences. Bear what you have to bear and do what you have to do to work through your regret.

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