What Does The Deck Say? August 06 2015

The Sweeney Tarot was designed to read with reversals. Having the expected 78 cards, one could use any system of meanings with it. However Lee Bradford has put deep thought into the meanings of the Sweeney Tarot, making sure it is approachable by all and without occult or religious concerns that would restrict its audience or use.

Today’s cards: 4 of Swordsrv, 9 of Swords, & 9 of Wandsrv.

The Sweeney Tarot: 4 of Swords reversed, 9 of Swords, & 9 of Wands reversed.
The Sweeney Tarot: 4 of Swordsrv, 9 of Swords, & 9 of Wandsrv.

That last nerve is severely frayed and likely to snap at any moment. But instead of unleashing your (well deserved) rage on the fools, you’re going to swallow those emotions and drive yourself into a terrible knot of anguish. Before it gets to that point, walk away. Step away from the pot and turn down the heat. What you’re working on is not worth your mental pain. They put themselves into this position, they can deal with the consequences of it. You take care of yourself.

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