What Does The Deck Say? August 02 2017

The Legacy of the Divine is a work of art by Ciro Marchetti. Warm images tell a fantastic story across rural, urban, and fantasy settings. A visually inviting deck, it has hints of esotericism for those that are seeking such things, but those hints do not interfere with those that do not.

Today’s cards: Page of Swords (reversed), King of Swords, & The Empress (reversed).

You say it’s about the task you failed to complete. That if you are given a second chance, you would finish it as it should have been. It’s not about the task, it’s about your failure to make the task a priority. The hardest tests often have the easiest requirements. There’s no retaking this one, you’ll just have to bear the consequences: Attaining your goal is going to be much harder.

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