What Does The Deck Say? April 16, 2021

Sweeney Tarot: 6 of Cups (reversed), 4 of Wands (reversed), & The Hanged Man [XII]. ©Lee Bradford.

Today’s cards: 6 of Cups (reversed), 4 of Wands (reversed), & The Hanged Man [XII].

Look. The consequences of your actions are on your head alone, and there is no temper tantrum big enough to shake that off or pull attention away from what happened. The only way to leave that in the past is to behave differently in the present or you will be remembered only for what you did, not what you could have done better.

The Sweeney Tarot was designed to read with reversals. Having the expected 78 cards, one could use any system of meanings with it. However creator and artist Lee Bradford has put deep thought into the meanings of the Sweeney Tarot, making sure it is approachable by all and without occult or religious concerns that would restrict its audience or use. The Sweeney Tarot is ©Lee Bradford.

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