What Does The Deck Say? April 12, 2018

Designed and illustrated by Megan Weber under the name of “Zaheroux“, this black and white deck features an animal for each card. Though there are bones in every image, don’t let this deck frighten you. There is wisdom for those who seek it.

Today’s cards: Two of Pentacles “Rat”, Seven of Wands “Chameleon”, & Queen of Swords “Eagle”.

You have done well adapting to the circumstances you have found yourself in and not upsetting the order you have been inserted into. But what served to keep you safe before now threatens to keep you from moving forward. Step our of your comfort zone today and step up to the level of performance that you have been capable of but were afraid to reach. Haters are going to hate, but the people that matter are going to notice. Use your dedication as a shield and get it done.

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