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Public Reading: 2014-09-03.02

Query submitted via the Free Tarot Readings page.

Anonymous” inquires: “Hello! I just came into a bit of money, and am going to try my hand at a risky, but fun method of earning a little extra income. Nothing I’m betting the farm on, of course, but I’d like to know what the cards think of my chances. Thanks!

The Dollar Tree Tarot Majors: Justice. Continue reading Public Reading: 2014-09-03.02


A woman is seated on a stone bench between two unremarkable pillars facing the viewer. She wears the vestments of her office, and a gold crown upon her head. The crown features a blue square over the forehead. Her cloak is fastened by a gold square with a red circle. In her left hand, she holds a set of free scales. The bowls are level and the scale measures as balanced. In her right hand, she holds a long sword fully upright. Her face is stern and fixing. A curtain is draped between the pillars behind her, completely obscuring the background. Continue reading Justice