Public Reading: 2014-11-13.01

Query submitted via the Free Cartomancy Readings page.

Miss” inquires: “When will I find & unite with My Mr. Right? Thank you.

Fey Tarot: Knight of Chalices, 4 of Chalices, & Temperance.

Fey Tarot: Knight of Chalices, 4 of Chalices, & Temperance.
Fey Tarot: Knight of Chalices, 4 of Chalices, & Temperance.

You already found him, but you missed your chance. There is a blessing in your loss. You would have tired of him quickly, much like how candy loses its appeal the day after a full Halloween night. Now you have time stretched out before you, and you can be more discerning about what you consider Mr. Right versus Mr. Right Now, and how your relationship will change over time.

3 responses to “Public Reading: 2014-11-13.01”

  1. Thank you for the reading.
    According to the cards, do I still have a chance of finding another Mr.Right?
    I always believed there would be only One made for me!
    Also the one I found & missed, was my idea of Right, but not necessarily perfect for me?
    Sorry for bombarding you with qts, but your honest reading struck a cord with me!
    Thanks :-)

    • You (almost) always have a chance of finding another Mr. Right. Depending on how your view relationships, you could find several! There really isn’t a One Perfect Love that is waiting for you to discover and unite with. There is Love and how you receive and give that love. The person you would consider Mr. Right, right now, might not be so perfect in a decade because you both will have changed as you aged and in the process drifted apart.

      That is why I can not, in good conscious, point to any one person and say “This is the person you will be with for the rest of your life, go have fun.” You won’t be the same person in a month, much less a year, much less a decade. And neither will he.

      There is so much that can happen in a given span of time. If you truly want to seek out your Mr. Right, I can tell you that questing for him is going to work against you. (I have witnessed that backfiring far too many times by far too many people.) Make yourself into the person you want to be. Make yourself into a person that does not need Mr. Right, so that when that chance comes your way again, you’ll be better able to recognize that this “friendship” could go further than mere friends. (And recognize if he wants to move in that direction with you.)

      You’ll also be better able to identify those predators that would beguile you into thinking that they are your Mr. Right, and tie you into a abusive relationship that uses your heart against you. Better to be able to leave those monsters behind, than get caught in their snares.

      The reading ends with Temperance, a solitary card. It does not say you’ll wind up alone and unloved. It says you have work to do in yourself before you are ready for Mr. Right. Know yourself. Work on what needs work. Support what needs support. So when Mr. Right crosses your path again, you’ll be aware and ready to take that chance.

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