Public Reading: 2014-11-10.02

Query submitted via the Free Cartomancy Readings page.

Arrow” inquires: “Good day. My question I guess is what are my chances with him? Thank you !

Fey Tarot: The Moon, 8 of Wands, & The Hermit.

Fey Tarot: The Moon, 8 of Wands, & The Hermit.
Fey Tarot: The Moon, 8 of Wands, & The Hermit.

Illusionary, but not permanently so. Right now, is a time to be realistic with yourself and not jump to any conclusions if he looks your way twice in an hour. If you try to adjust yourself to be his ideal mate, you’ll lose all chances completely. Want to improve the odds? (Re)discover yourself, for yourself. Quitting the chase and making your self the goal to achieve will not guarantee that he will follow you. But by hell, won’t it make a monarch out of you!

3 responses to “Public Reading: 2014-11-10.02”

  1. This is going to sound pretty dumb. But in what sense do I put myself first. I guess right now I’m in a moment change, of my future. I just don’t understand how I put mysellf first when I think I do.

    • You asked what your chances are with him. That means you have assigned some part of your attention towards him and having him become a bigger part in your life than he currently is. Putting yourself first (in this context) means letting that go. You mention being in a moment of change. Make sure that change is all about you, for your sake. It doesn’t matter if you’re 15 years old or 50 years old, a person is willing to change themselves to make them look like the ideal mate to those they are interested in.

      Let’s pick on makeup since it’s an easy target. If you don’t like makeup, but he won’t consider you without it, are you going to start wearing makeup just to get his attention, or are you going to continue going without makeup and focusing on yourself. Those are the type of attention stealers that individually seem like scattered grains of rice, but they quickly add up to a hella burden when you don’t want to do it for yourself.

      Add to this that your chances are illusionary and inconstant already (The Moon), and you are better off just not worrying about him right now. Put yourself first. Wear what you want. Go where you want. Be what you want. Be the ruling monarch in your own life and to hell if he is interested in you or not. You have better things to do than wait for him to notice you.

      • Thank you. When you put it that way I kind of realize the little things that I was doing that weren’t really me. The parts of me I started to hide because I subconsciously or consciously (a bit of both) wanted him to like me.

        It makes a lot of sense and I feel a little bit of shame. At least I can go back to my plans of world domination. Everyone gets distracted once in a while.

        Again thank you so much!

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