Public Reading: 2014-11-06.01

Query submitted via the Free Cartomancy Readings page.

Brenda” inquires: “There is a lot of turmoil in my local spiritual community lately. Are these minor shake-ups typical in any community or and they tremors foreshadowing major earthquakes? Do I step in reinforce structures or stand back and let peices fall where they may?

Universal Waite: The High Priestess, 7 of Swords, & King of Swords.

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There are always waves of discontent and rumblings through even the most settled of communities and alliances. In this case, however, there are signs of someone trying to take more (power) that is their due. The cards advise that you remain personally uninvolved to the conflict for now, but remain vigilant and observant. When those currently at the apex of power move, something (or someone) is going to get cut off.

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