Public Reading: 2014-08-06.02

Query submitted via the Free Tarot Readings page.

Emotional” inquires: “I met a guy ‘A’ yesterday. Just talked for a few minutes with him.
But now I can’t stop thinking about him! Actually physically feeling those emotions!
Who is he? And does he feel the same about me?
P.S: don’t even know if I will meet him again!

Thoth Tarot: 5 of Swords, 5 of Cups, Adjustment [VIII].

Thoth Tarot: 5 of Swords, 5 of Cups, Adjustment [VIII].
Thoth Tarot: 5 of Swords, 5 of Cups, Adjustment [VIII].
Ah. Well. Don’t allow this flush of feelings to sweep you along any further. Pursuing a relationship (should you meet him again) would not be advised. Expectations are in dire need of adjustment, as well as how perceptions are processed and how information is filtered.


5 responses to “Public Reading: 2014-08-06.02”

  1. Thank you Keri. Really grateful to you. Actually wished to know what he feels about me?

    • To be blunt, those three cards indicate that is the least of your concerns. If there is going to be a relationship as a result of this meeting, he will be the one to initiate it. If you try, it will fail. The Thoth’s Five of Swords (Venus in Aquarius) “Defeat” indicates wishful thinking is overruling reason, causing you to ignore a logical assessment of the situation. The Thoth’s Five of Cups (Mars in Scorpio) “Disappointment” warns that should you catch up to him, things are not going to be as pleasant as your fantasy of the relationship hopes it will be, and the truth will be as great a pain as your hope is high. The Thoth’s rendition of Justice, “Adjustment” (Libra) is not a remote observer watching passively, but a command to the individual. You have areas in your life that need to be actively adjusted, and the previous two cards indicate your expectations should be high on that Fix It list.

      What he feels about you is not relevant. Before chasing butterflies in the heart, make sure your footing is sound.

      • The way you word it, is so amazing. You are right, wishful thinking it is. The way everything’s happening, I am losing trust with my heart! :-(
        When will I fall for a guy who feels the same for me?
        Thanks for your time & efforts, even though I am a stranger to you!
        Bless you!

        • Don’t worry about a relationship right now. Seriously. Right now you should focus on yourself and be wonderfully self-centered and self-pleasing. Instead of trying to find someone to complete you, complete yourself.

          Romance your self! Do things that make you happy and don’t do things that won’t make you happy. (But don’t forget to file those taxes on time, because making the IRS mad would be very, very bad.) Court your heart and see what fulfills you and what is merely fun to do.

          And then, after that, after you have been the best partner to your self that yourself has ever had, begin looking. (Assuming that a romance didn’t develop along the way.) But as you look, remember that you come first in your life. Be honest with yourself, and don’t accept “just okay”. You deserve better.

          • Oh Keri, one of the best advice I could have right now!
            You are fab!
            I guess you already know that. ;-)
            Thank you so much! :-)
            I’ll remember this!

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