Public Reading: 2014-08-01.01

Query submitted via the Free Tarot Readings page.

Thaumbody” inquires: “Due to recent events I’ve been thinking about my romantic life, or rather my complete lack of one… Do the cards signify that I’m aromantic, and thus simply not interested in romance?

Fey Tarot: The Hermit, 8 of Pentacles, & Knight of Wands.

Fey Tarot: The Hermit, 8 of Pentacles, & Knight of Wands.
Fey Tarot: The Hermit, 8 of Pentacles, & Knight of Wands.

Before casting cards: To be honest, that’s really a question only you can answer through introspection and examination of your feelings and reactions. Perhaps you are aromantic and are just now confronting that aspect of yourself. Perhaps you are romantic, and just haven’t found someone who fires your neurons yet. And even still, later on, that could change entirely. In this case, the cards can only tell you where to start your self-inspection first and give you ideas to ruminate on later. Having said that, let’s throw some cards…

The (current) lack of a romantic life is not a sign of anything broken about you. Rather, it is an opportunity to work on yourself, and refine those portions you like while reshaping those portions you don’t like. You’ll have opportunity to play the field eventually. Right now, it’s your off-season.


One response to “Public Reading: 2014-08-01.01”

  1. Thank you for the reading. To explain, while I’ve been out of the dating pools for nearly three years and celibate for almost as long. It was during a recent film fest with three romantic films that I began confronting why I don’t care for romantic stories or plots. Simply, I’ve never really been in love; I’ve never dreamed of being in love; nor felt more than the passing fancy towards another. It does rather sound aromantic to me, though not asexual, as they are different. So I have somethings to conjugate and masticate upon. Also, it’s interesting to me how the “What Does the Deck Say?” for 14-08-01also reflects on my query.
    Again, thank you. Have a nice day and give the Fiery Hound a good petting for me, if you will.

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