Public Reading: 2014-07-25.03

Query submitted via the Free Tarot Readings page.

Funnymouse” inquires: “Would love a reading on my dynamics with a guy I feel spiritually connected with, please. Thank you.

Universal Waite: The Chariot, 8 of Cups, & 8 of Wands.

[No Image Available]

Just when you think you can put things on cruise control, here come the potholes! (Hint: Don’t engage the cruise control and maintain full control of the steering wheel at all times.) It would be very easy to just let things go as they go, but that would be a quick way to ruin things for both of you. The dynamics are not as tightly intertwined as you’d like them to be, and any errors of navigation are quickly magnified. I advise against depending on this dynamic to be the driving force of a relationship with him. Start off well below the speed limit until he gives the indication to go faster.

If it seems those cards are familiar, it’s because the Chariot and the 8 of Cups featured in the previous public reading. However, this is not a mark of lazy and/or incompetent shuffling techniques. The read cards were cut back into the deck in thirds, and then copious shuffling ensued to make sure the entropy of the deck was high. We reuse words when answering questions, so of course the tarot deck is going to reuse cards in between queries and/or clients!


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