Public Reading: 2014-07-21.01

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emth” inquires: “I’ve been in love a guy for nearly 2 years. We were in an weird uncommitted relationship but had a falling out and basically stopped talking for a while but he came back and now I’m confused as to how he feels about me and will he ever commit to me?

Universal Waite: 4 of Pentacles, King of Swords, & 9 of Cups.

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You need to have a talk with him. Not a friendly, let’s-be-soft-with-each-other-because-it’s-been-a-while talk, but a mature adult talk. The cards say he views you more as property than person, and he will not commit to you any time soon because he’s not done “living it up”. If what I read in these cards are wrong, he is the only one that can refute the accusation with evidence of word and deed. You need to have a talk with him. And remember, you are your own. If the relationship as it stands is not healthy for you, make it healthy.


2 responses to “Public Reading: 2014-07-21.01”

  1. Thank you for your reading! It does kind of make sense. Just curious though, what does each of the cards represent when you did the reading? Also, does this mean that if I take things under control and be mature that our relationship might stand a chance? I have been really scarred to have the talk because I keep thinking it would mark the end even though I know I need to.

    Sorry to bombard you with this many questions. I just enjoy how blunt you are with the truth and that is what I need in my life.

    Thanks xx

    • No set spread was used. Just presented the question and read the cards left to right. So, how does he see you? 4 of Pentacles: As something to hoard and keep away from others. How does he feel towards you? King of Swords: Not many relationship feelings there. Combine that with the property aspect of the 4 of Pentacles, and I get the image of a person that is seeing you as an asset on an inventory sheet. Well, what about commitment? 9 of Cups: The party is not over yet, there is still ‘fun’ to be had. Which makes the emotionless King of Swords even more severe towards you. If you’re not ‘fun’ to him, then what are you to him? Which is why I called for a mature talk to be had, even if it ends with a formal parting of the relationship.

      It’s not fair or right to be stringing each other along. If he’s not interested, then that needs to be placed on the table so that you can decide what to do for yourself. At the same time, what you want from him needs to be clearly stated as well so he can make the same decision for himself.

      Being mature always helps, but only so much if he’s unwilling to reciprocate. And sometimes being mature means going out on your own. Look at it this way, if nothing changes, the relationship is over. He’s not putting any effort into it as far as you see, you’re filled with doubt and uncertainty. This can not continue for long without something snapping. If you talk to him, things could get better, or they could bring a quick and formal end. But the uncertainty is lifted and no matter what, you (and him) can go on with your life with eyes wide open.

      Sometimes being mature means accepting that you don’t always get what you want. Sometimes the wound has to be scrubbed out before it can heal. And sometimes, it’s better to get the talk done and over.

      Take a deep breath, and remember that you deserve to be happy. Good luck to you.

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