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Query submitted via Free Tarot Readings.

“Hi there I am trying to figure out what it is that I want out of life. But I find my family to be distracting, I see my family just seams to take whatever they can. While I want to create the life of my dreams and work toward it. I’m not sure what to do”

Dollar Tree Tarot: Judgement, Star, Heirophant.
Dollar Tree Tarot: Judgement, Star, Hierophant.

It’s Last Call for the shenanigans against you and reconciliations from you. You already know you have to make a choice between putting your family first and putting your self first in your life. It is clear what they want you do choose. Talk time is over. Make the choice and start walking it out.

You’re going to need more advice than what a random card reader on the Internet can give you. Your first research project is Self Care, so that whichever you decide, you remain healthy and in control of yourself while doing so. You also should start listening to yourself, as you have some personal issues that will be entangled in this. Only you can sort them out.

There are established steps for doing what you feel you should do. Look them up. See how they apply to your situation. See what needs to be changed to make headway. Assistance is available depending on your level of need.

It’s a hard choice, choosing between family and self. Either way, you’ll feel like you are betraying someone, somehow. This is the time to decide which path you will walk. Start walking it.

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