Free Tarot Reading: Schmo

Schmo asks: “I would like to know if the curse I sent against Chris and the conifer house is still thriving and if he’s still succumbing to the curse

The Legacy of the Divine answers: King of Swords.

The curse remains in place and it’s doing what it’s supposed to be doing. Now whether the curse is being effective against “Chris”… well… dunno. You’ve actually set yourself up with an Evil Genieā„¢ question there. I could set a fan outside to blow against the wind and turn it on max. The fan would be doing what it’s supposed to be doing, just like the King of Swords. But what wind, or for that matter, breeze, is going to be affected by it? Even if I managed to get one of the movie studio set fans that can blow a person over, what am I going to accomplish against the environment that a mere shift in wind won’t make moot?

If you are questioning if the curse was effective against “Chris”, I’d wager that it isn’t in the manner you were hoping it would be. Take a good look at what kind of curse you set up, and why you set it up. If the curse’s effectiveness relies on your pain and anger to fuel it, then you will be hurting yourself for the chance to swipe at them. If the curse doesn’t rely on any part of you at all, then why are you risking entangling yourself back in that situation?

The card said the curse is going what it’s supposed to be doing. Looking back to the fan analogy, if the fan is pointed in the wrong spot, or if “Chris” moved away from that spot/situation/mindset, then you’re using up your juice for nothing. Before you pull out your gear to check on “Chris” yourself, ask yourself this very serious question: “Is it worth putting myself back in that situation?” If yes, then proceed. If no, leave “Chris”, curse, and situation in the past and go forward.