Free Tarot Reading: Plume

Plume asks: “Where is my love life headed? I’m trying. Finally but love is like money it doesn’t want me. Ha!

The Fey Tarot answers: The Hermit.

Before you flip the table, hear me out. You’re trying, and the card reflect this. But you don’t know how or what love will appear to you, and the card reflects this. This isn’t a card of exile, of doors slammed in your face and pity drinks being bought at the bar. You asked for a course heading, and the deck gave you a mirror. Why? What is it you have to settle in the present before you can sail out into the seas? What is it you have to settle with yourself before you can have the intimate connection you seek with others? I’m sure your first response will be to scream at the screen that you have already considered these things and have already plumbed those depths. I am willing to concede that I’m wrong. In which case I will leave you with another maddening question: Are you looking too hard and expecting too much, too soon?