Free Tarot Reading: Anonymous

Anonymous asks: “Will I be able to buy my own house in a few years time?

The Sweeney Tarot answers: 5 of Cups.

No, you won’t. But don’t let that stop you from saving up anyway. The 5 of Cups is labeled “Disillusionment”, and that points to possible reasons why the deck is answering so somberly. What are your reasons for wanting to buy the house in the first place? What goals do you have set for after the house is purchased, and who do you want to share the house with? What a tarot deck answers is not set in stone. Be honest with yourself and examine what is pushing you to the goal of buying the house. The deck is not saying you won’t be able to afford the house, it is saying your reasons for buying the house are going to fall through. Find out now while you have a soft landing available.