Free Tarot Reading: Anonymous

Anonymous asks: “What will happen if I choose the Pre-Health Science major/degree instead?

Because I’m getting to this question much later than expected, I’m going to pull from two decks. The Fey Tarot will answer the external (interpersonal) consequence, and the Bosch Tarot will answer the internal (introspective) consequence.

The Fey Tarot answers: The Lovers.
The Bosch Tarot answers: 9 of Pentacles.

Fey Tarot “The Lovers”: It’s the choice you wanted to go with in the first place, but other information knocked it off your Number One Preferred spot. But now you’re looking back at it with a sense that no matter what the analysis may say, Pre-Health Science is where you feel you need to be to continue your progress forward. The choice is going to make you work to succeed, but like any marriage, it’s the work that makes it succeed in the first place.

Bosch Tarot “9 of Pentacles”: Because this pursuit is such a comfortable fit for you, you will find yourself moving through the program easier than you expected. As you go, offer help of some kind to your fellow classmates, within reason. There is more to knowledge and wisdom than information, and helping others will allow you to gain insights that can’t be found in a book.

In short, the Pre-Health Science major/degree will have a positive outcome for you, as long as you are willing to do the work requested of you.