Free Tarot Reading: luanshya

luanshya asks: “is my hard luck life ever going to change

This is an Evil Genie question. One card will not give you a complete answer, and there are a multitude of nuances you need to take into consideration before you act on any reading you may receive.

The Sweeney Tarot answers: Queen of Coinsrv.

The Evil Genie answer will be “Yes”, but with no context as to how or what your part in that change may be. If you want your life to change from its current course, you are going to have to force that change yourself. You’re going to be fighting an uphill battle, as someone near you (by distance and/or by relational bonds) doesn’t want you out of that pit you are finding yourself. The process of working against the slander and propaganda launched against you is going to uncover details of those close to you that you may not want to know. But if you are going to turn your hard luck life into something more comfortable for yourself, you’re going to have to see those uncomfortable things. Good luck to you.