Free Tarot Reading: Anonymous

Anonymous asks: “Hiya! Thank-you for doing this (if you do)- I’m very gateful regardless. My question is will I get the job I want in the location I want once I have finished? Thank-you. ^.^

The Sweeney Tarot answers: Queen of Coins, reversed.

No, you won’t. And pay attention to how the denial unfolds in front of you because there will be some truth bombs revealed in the process. That job is being dangled out like a carrot in front of you, and as long as you have the idea of the hope of snatching it, you remain useful to the stick-wielder. The closer the time of redemption comes, the less useful you will be to them, until they stop trying to string you along and start trying to drive you away. Continue working for that job, because this random card reader on the Internet would be delighted to be wrong, however also work for alternative positions just in case this random card reader turns out to be as right as she is grumpy.