Free Tarot Reading: Anonymous

Anonymous asks: “How will love find me ?

The Fey Tarot answers: Justice [XI].

Not so much “how”, but “when”. There is love and there is Love. There is the infatuation that makes you giddy and fuzzes out your brain, and there is the deep commitment that continues even after the flash of initial passion fades. The former is available damn near anywhere. The latter will only come to you when you have accepted the entirety of who you are and who loves you. It will not be an instant process. You are going to have to face the things about yourself you do not like, and the things about the person(s) you are falling in love with that you do not life, and ask yourself are you willing to accept things as they are or are you willing to work with that person(s) to improve things for the better.

The former can evolve into the latter. And the latter can become without ever touching the former. But don’t confuse the two. If you’re not sure which type of love you are experiencing or pining for, ask yourself how much Work is required to keep the relationship. The former requires no Work to be. The latter is Work.