Free Tarot Reading: Anonymous

Anonymous asks: “Is it better for me to transfer to the Uni and try to get my credits there instead of repairing my GPA at this community college? I’m trying to get into Med school and have to start over but my past self/performance is kicking my a**. Thank you so much.

The Sweeney Tarot answers: “The Hanged Man, reversed.”

Is it better? Yes, and no. It would be better, but this card asks a second question: “Is it feasible?” If you had unlimited resources, then transfering now would be the better thing to do, even if it meant having to repeat some of the classes you took at the community college. However, you do not have unlimited resources, and this changes the question slightly. It’s no longer a question of “Is it better?”, the question now becomes “Is this the best use of what I have now?”. And considering the cost difference between “Uni” and a community college, you may be better off spending less now if it means repairing your grades without incurring deeper debt later. What are your long-term plans for college, employment, and/or debt reduction? Those plans are what is tying your butt in a knot right now.