Free Cartomancy Reading: May 21, 2023

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Hello there, readers. And dear listeners. You folks that have been waiting for this to show and you folks that just stumbled into the show. So I’m Keri of Noxporium. Today is May 21st, 2023. And I am catching up on a long overdue free cartomancy reading. See, back on April 27th, there was a free card reading submitted and whatever reason, the response wound up in my spam trap and I did not see it until last week when I was checking the spam filter. And oh wait! Here’s a legit reading request. Legit in that it’s not spam.

So for those of you who are just listening, the request is pretty short and quick. Anonymous is asking, by way of the Legacy of the Divine Tarot, they want to know their future in regard to love, money, and career. So. There’s a problem. That’s three topics. The Free Cartomancy Reading window provides one card. So. This reading is overdue, not because of complexities or of snarkiness or of Oh my God they didn’t read the assignment. I’m not going to do this for them. It really is overdue because it got caught in spam and I didn’t see it until last week.

Which is a mixed blessing. Because if I had seen it when it was submitted. I would have discarded it right then. I understand that, you know, a free reading is a free reading and you want to try and squeeze as much value as you can out of a turnip. I absolutely get it. But it’s also insulting.

To go to someone that is offering something with a very strict boundary. And say, I don’t care about your boundaries, you’re going to do this for me anyway. But I didn’t see it when it was submitted. I saw it now. And now, okay, I do feel guilty for not seeing it then. So I’ll admit I do feel obligated to do something.

So I’m going to take up the challenge. I will read for love, money, and career. But with only one card from the Legacy of the Divine Tarot. The one card offered by the Legacy of the Divine Tarot for the answer of this question is the Three of Wands, upright.

For those of you that are listening, the Three of Wands shows a person on a cliff edge in silhouette. The sun is setting far in the distance and they are facing out to sea where a magical floating ship held aloft by three glorious balloons is descending to the shore. Framing the card, are three glorious golden wands, each one topped with a crystal facet that gleams and sparkles in rainbow colors.

It is a card of optimism. It is a card of patience. It is a card that welcomes good things. But it also a card that warns of work yet to come. That ship that’s landing may have a lot of goodies on it, but it still needs someone to take the load off. It still needs someone to sort out the goods, to distribute the resources, to decide what to keep, what to spend, what’s worth saving and what did not make the journey.

I do find it fitting that the Tarot deck gave me a card that features three items when this is a three-faceted question. Anonymous wants to know their future in regards to love, money, and career. The Three of Wands says they’re all interconnected. If you try to pursue each one individually, you will get nothing. If you want love, build up your resources, and move up the ladder. If you want money, put it where your heart is. Not to convert a hobby into a side hustle, but to be aware that if you want to make a, to use a horrible word, a nest, for whatever trysts or home you want to create, you’re going to need money to do it.

So. Work on that. And as far as your career? It doesn’t have to be an ivory tower. It does not have to be a corner office overlooking everyone on the streets below. It does have to be something that you are comfortable in, that you can see yourself working in for at least a few years, if not a decade. Let’s face it, there’s no more twenty-year industries anymore. You can’t just catch as you can be. But a career is not servitude to a corporate God. A career is what you do to get the money that you use to make a home for the person you love.

And that is how one card answers all three facets of your question. What is your future in regard to love, money, and career? If you put the work in, Anon. Put the work IN, don’t delegate it. Don’t say well, it’s too hard to have a long lasting job, so I’ll just worry about the money right now. If you’re in a financial bind then of course you will, but if you’re not? Put the work in. All three. And all three, will reward you in turn.

And that is my answer to Anon.

Make of that, what you may.

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