Free Card Reading: Anonymous

Red Magician Tarot: Eight of Wands.

Anonymous asks: “Why is that spirit everywhere now and before?

The Red Magician Tarot answers: Eight of Wands.

Because regardless of how ready you are for what comes next, something is coming next and that spirit is doing what it can to take care of business in the dwindling time remaining. Take a good look at what that spirit is involved in and ask yourself if you are prepared for something to come from that sphere into your hands and/or your life.

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2 responses to “Free Card Reading: Anonymous”

  1. person of said reading: wanna know the best part? I have been on a fantasy binge where all books (that have nothing to do with each other) are about how the main character goes on a quest for said spirit/god/entity. Each time I read them I kept thinking of said being. I was like wow why are they in my mind a lot lately.

    • With that context, I would add a suggestion that you also explore what that entity means to you and whether or not it would be appropriate and/or beneficial for you to accept them. Because if they knock on that door any harder, the hinges are going to give. But ultimately, you still have the last word about any type of relationship.