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Knight of Wands

An armored knight covered by the tattered colors of his realm sits astride a rearing horse. The horse and rider are fixated on an item out of the card’s field of view towards the viewer’s left. He holds the horse’s reins in his left hand, and an upright wood rod in his right hand. The rod is budding with small leaved twigs. The visor is up, showing his face. The crest of his helm, the edges of his colors, and the horse’s mane imply they are descending from the height of the horse’s rearing. The colors are decorated with coiled salamanders. The reins bear fleurs-di-lis. A cloudless sky is mostly hidden by the figures, while in the low background is seen a featureless desert with 3 pyramids rising from it. Continue reading Knight of Wands

What Does The Deck Say? May 28 2014

The Legacy of the Divine and the Sweeney Tarot are the only decks in my stable I read reversals for. While Waite does have explicit reversed meanings, I look at the neighboring cards and the context of the query to determine if the cards in question are ill-dignified or not.  Having all the cards come up reversed is a significant rarity for me. I don’t “correct” an all reversed throw. If tarot is a game of chance, then all chances are equally valid.

Today’s cards: 2 of Coinsrv, Knight of Swordsrv, & 9 of Coinsrv.
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10 of Cups

The top half of the card is dominated by a curving rainbow across a cloudless sky. The line art gives the imitation of shimmering brilliance. Ten large chalices are nestled snugly in the rainbow, turned to follow the curve of the arc. In the bottom half of the card, a man and woman stand with their back to the viewer. He stands to the left of her, and has his right arm swept behind her back. They look up at the apparition with wonder and have their outside arms raised up. Beside them, two children have clasped each others hands and are playing happily. In the distance can be seen a low hill, a meandering river, trees, and a house. Continue reading 10 of Cups

5 of Cups

A lone figure faces away and to the left of the viewer. A heavy cloak obscures most of him, leaving only his books, hair, and a portion of his face visible. He is hunched over in a morose stance. On the ground before him are three large chalices. They are lying on the ground and their contents have spilled out into puddles around them. Behind the figure, on the viewer’s right, are two large upright chalices. The ground around them is unmarred giving the suggestion they still hold their contents. In the background, a river runs straight and flows under a bridge in the right distance. On the other side of the river to the left, there is a keep and some trees. The sky is clear, leaving nothing to distract the viewer from the dominating figure. Continue reading 5 of Cups

30 Days of Tarot: Day Twelve

30 Days of Tarot — Day 12: Have you ever created your own spread? If so, how effective is it? (Feel free to show the spread.)

I have created many, but most of those were one-shot affairs tailored to the Querent sitting across from me and their particular question. (I call it a game, but it is a serious game.) Of the few that I have inflicted upon the public, my favorite is “Boxed In”.

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What Does The Deck Say? May 26 2014

The Fey Tarot is the work of Mara Aghem and Riccardo Minetti. While the card names mostly track conventional tarot naming, the scenes differ from Pamela Coleman Smith’s renditions. Not all minors display the full pip count of their number. Rather, the scenes are meant to evoke the intuition of the reader rather than depend on long lists of regurgitated meanings.

Today’s cards: 8 of Wands, 7 of Wands, & 6 of Swords.

Fey Tarot: 8 of Wands, 7 of Wands, & 6 of Swords.
Fey Tarot: 8 of Wands, 7 of Wands, & 6 of Swords.

By changing how we perceive and respond to those things that threaten our stability, we find new ways to mitigate those threats and restore peace to ourselves.

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2 of Cups

Two youths face each other. A young woman on the viewer’s left. A young man on the viewer’s right. They both hold large chalices, though the man is shown with his hand outstretched. The texts say he has just given her the chalice, but the posture could be taken as either giving or taking. She wears a leafy laurel, he wears a flower crown. Between the cups, starting just about his hand, begins the image of a caduceus. A vertical rod rises up, with two snakes spiraling about it in opposite directions for 3 complete turns. The head of the rod is topped by a large lion’s head, with a pair of wings stretching out from it. The youths are shown to be ignorant or indifferent to the visage. In the far low background is a tree topped hill, with what appears to be a house cresting it. Continue reading 2 of Cups