What Does The Deck Say? September 12, 2017

The Red Magician Tarot is a collage deck created by Jay LeRoy based on Hermetic principles.

Today’s cards: Prince of Cups, Queen of Swords, & Princess of Wands.

You will have to be more than just in control of your emotions, you will have to use them as your weapons, shield, and transport. This is a new thing for you, as you have been told for most of your life that your feelings are a weakness and your emotions are something to crush under your feet. The person you are facing has done just that, but do not mistake their apparent strength as proof of their triumph. In locking away their feelings, they have made themselves unable to consider tactics that will be as plain to you as the tear running down your cheek. Follow that track, and be open to move with the conditions. Your reward will be finding the seat of your power and the platform from which to rebuild yourself anew.

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