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A woman stands slightly off center of this card. She is dressed in a long sleeved gown with a garland of flowers around her waist and upon her head. She is bent over slightly, as she is in the process of closing the mouth of a maned lion. Her left hand is upon the lion’s snout and her right hand is cupping the jaw. The lion’s tongue is out of his mouth as if in protest and licks against her right hand. His tail is swept under him and between his legs in an apparent act of submission. A lemniscate is over her head, tilted appropiately to signify its connection to her own tilted head. In the near distance are trees and hills. In the far distance is a prominent mountain. Continue reading Strength

Queen of Cups

A crowned and robed woman sits on a throne carved from stone that has been placed on a bed of stones and pebbles. The throne faces towards the viewer’s left and she is seated the same. The throne is accented with merchildren, fish, and scallops. She holds in her right hand a very elaborate capped chalice that resembles the roof and spire of a church and is flanked by two winged and praying angels. Her left hand is steadying the unwieldy chalice as she studies it intently. At her feet are the gentle waves of still waters as the throne is placed on the shore. In the distance, water can be seen behind the throne, and beyond the waters are tall vertical white cliffs topped with green grasses. Continue reading Queen of Cups

The Right Tarot Deck

The right tarot deck for a reader is one the reader would be comfortable looking at for extended periods of time. If that is the very popular Rider-Waite-Smith deck (also called the Waite-Smith deck), then so be it. If the reader prefers the International Icon Tarot, then this too is good. If the reader is fond of American 50’s aesthetic then the Housewives Tarot would be a welcome study partner. There is no one deck that all tarot readers are required to have. Continue reading The Right Tarot Deck

9 of Wands

A tall man with a bandaged head, facing the viewer, stands slightly to the viewer’s right of center in this card. He holds a taller staff against the ground with both hands and is looking off to his right (the viewer’s left) in a wary manner. Behind him, to his left, are three staffs of uneven height. The are upright as if fence posts. To his right are five more staffs of uneven height planted in the same manner. All the staffs are budding with twigs. The sky can be seen between the rods and is cloudless. In the far distance are the silhouettes of mountains. Continue reading 9 of Wands