What Does The Deck Say? October 24, 2018

Wyzard of Odd: Five of Wands, Queen of Swords, & The Aeon [XX].

Bryan Lahr’s Wyzard of Odd tarot deck is constructed with literally images of smoke and mirrors, and has the margins lined with correspondences from other religious and esoteric practices. The oversize deck is also good for single card contemplation as the images fold onto themselves and the viewer.

Today’s cards: Five of Wands, Queen of Swords, & The Aeon [XX].

They don’t know what hammers refined your soul. They only know you are resilient. Do not allow their misinformed judgments of you to buckle your resolve. You know what you came through. You know how you survived. Continue going forward in your way. Let those who try to stop you be broken against you.

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