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La Baraja Española: Las Personas de los Bastos y los Oros

The Tens, Elevens, and Twelves of the Baraja Española are Las Personas (The People). Archetypes and symbols of particular mindsets that are involved in the Querent’s activities, the Querent is emulating, or needs to emulate to achieve the desired goal. The figures as portrayed on the cards are usually male, however the people they represent can be of any gender. As archetypes, they are often the extreme of what they represent. (Except for That One Guy. You know the one.) Continue reading La Baraja Española: Las Personas de los Bastos y los Oros

Ace of Swords

A short pillar of clouds hold against the viewer’s left of this card. From them a brilliant right hand has emerged, bearing a double-edged short sword with a hilt upright. An open crown floats around the tip of the sword, and draped over it are two wreathes, one of laurel and the other of olive. Six motes of light hover over the hilt. The sky is otherwise cloudless, and in the far distance at the bottom of the card are mountains and hills. Continue reading Ace of Swords

8 of Pentacles

A young man wearing a crafting apron straddles a low bench. A disk is propped up against a working block, held in place by the chisel in his left hand. His right hand holds a small crafting hammer upright, and he seems to be in the moment before bringing it down against the chisel. A five-pointed star has already been formed on the work in progress. On the ground under him is a completed pentagram. Leaning on the bench before him, facing the viewer, is yet another. Mounted on the wall rising up the side of the card are five more pentagrams, bring the total depicted to eight. He is working outdoors under a cloudless sky. In the far distance is seen a keep and a path leading up the hill into it. Continue reading 8 of Pentacles

What Does The Deck Say? June 27 2014

Each suit in the Bag of Bones playing card deck tells a visual story progressing from Ace to Ten. A heartwarming lamia, a persistent gardener, a spider’s catch, and a clumsy walker make for quick stories. The face cards stand alone, but have stories for themselves.

For those wishing something more pleasant, Artiphany also has decks of dogs, kittens, and mermaids.

Today’s cards: Queen of Diamonds, Ace of Clubs, & 6 of Diamonds. Continue reading What Does The Deck Say? June 27 2014