Free Tarot Reading: Anonymous

Anonymous asks: “Am I under magical attack?

Before I pull any cards, I just want to point out that this is a Trick Question™ that will be answered very poorly with a one card pull. You have other questions that also need to be answered that will not be addressed by the following card. Have you upset the locals, embodied and/or incorporeal? Have you kept your promises and oaths to the letter that you gave them? Is your conscience clear? Have you checked to see if what you are going through is just a case of bad timing? When is the last time you checked yourself?

You may think that I am blowing you off or dismissing your question. I’m not. But there are a lot of other questions that you have to face before we get to the query you have given me. Because there is still the possibility that what you are going through is not the result of any one individual choice, but a combination of poor timing and poor choices rolling up on you all at once.

So please, take the following pull not as the last word on the matter, but the beginning of the conversation you will have to have with yourself and those you trust.

Universal Waite says: 9 of Wands, reversed.

Wrong question. How prepared are you for a magical attack and/or other assault on your personhood? The answer to that question is “You’re not.” Before you get yourself worked up about whether or not the effects you are noticing are a result of intentional malicious action against you, make sure you are able to not only withstand the current assault, but also any extra burdens that may come about merely by existing.

This is a time to get trusted friends and associates involved. Not just in determining why things are getting to you, but how, and what can be done about them. You are going to have a difficult time getting through this alone. But with friends, you’ll be able to hold your ground or even return the “favor” if one was dealt to you. Good luck.