What Does The Deck Say? September 01 2016

The Sweeney Tarot was designed to read with reversals. Having the expected 78 cards, one could use any system of meanings with it. However Lee Bradford has put deep thought into the meanings of the Sweeney Tarot, making sure it is approachable by all and without occult or religious concerns that would restrict its audience or use.

Today’s cards: Knight of Coins, The High Priestess, & Ace of Cups.

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I’m sure there is a “She Who Must Be Obeyed” joke in here somewhere, but I’m not going there. Instead I’ll ask you what are you dedicating yourself to, and why. Your answers are for yourself only, but you do need to sit down and consider them. What you are taking up will require a significant amount of time, dedication, and action. When the New Thing smell wears off, will you still be as dedicated? Make your decision now before you commit.

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