What Does The Deck Say? October 17 2015

The Bosch Tarot is a series of collages based on the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch. Using a unique set of meanings that is not derived from Waite, it will sometimes read direct, and sometimes read like a koan. It is a good deck for introspection and examination of internal motives.

Today’s cards: Knave of Wands, The Chariot, & 9 of Chalices.

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You can not fix them. You don’t even know what is “broken” in the first place. For every study you claim that identifies their beliefs as aberrant, there is another that identifies their beliefs as normal. You are trying to force them to become an ideal that does not exist, never existed, and could not exist in the first place. How long do you think they are going to put up with you? You are literally trying to destroy who they are because you think you know their lives better than they. Stop. Accept them as is, or walk away before they cut you away for good.

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