Baraja Azteca: 5 Oros, 3 Copas, & 5 Copas.

What Does The Deck Say? October 16, 2020

Today’s cards: 5 Oros, 3 Copas, & 5 Copas.

You may feel ready to settle for the long haul but the matter is not settled yet. Wait for all the information to be updated before you carve out your response. The plot twist has yet to hit and when it does, it will require you to change your outlook entirely.

A Baraja EspaƱola deck, the Baraja Azteca is a 48 card deck of playing cards used for such games as Brisca, Tute, and Mus. This 48-card variant of the deck contains four suits; Oros (Coins), Bastos (Clubs), Espadas (Swords), and Copas (Cups). While the deck is made primarily for play, it functions well as a divination tool. Each reader uses their own personal understanding and intuition to interpret the cards.

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