What Does The Deck Say? October 14, 2020

Universal Tarot of Marseille: Temperance [XIV], 8 of Deniers, & 5 of Deniers. ©Lo Scarabeo

Today’s cards: Temperance [XIV], 8 of Deniers, & 5 of Deniers.

The question is not what are you bringing into balance. The question is what are you ignoring while you are bringing something else into balance. Turning your back on issues you thought no longer needed your attention will be the quickest way to upset everything. Just as a lit candle should not be left unattended and a pot of milk on the stove always requires vigilance, take care that you do not allow what is settled to fall apart because you were too busy elsewhere to check.

The Universal Tarot of Marseille is primarily based on a Swiss deck created in 1751 by by Claude Burdel. The pips have color backgrounds to assist readers with distinguishing suite and the majors have had the lines refined and color backgrounds added to soften the overall look. The Universal Tarot of Marseille is ©Lo Scarabeo.

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