What Does The Deck Say? October 12, 2020

Red Magician Tarot: Princess of Wands, Eight of Wands, & Four of Disks. ©Jay LeRoy

Today’s cards: Princess of Wands, Eight of Wands, & Four of Disks.

You won’t feel like you have everything you need, but yes, you certainly do. Trust the inventory of your skills and assets and be ready to move. When the moment comes, don’t move directly against your opponent, move to secure your footing and your base. Once your stronghold is in place, you can plot how to take care of the rest of your business.

The RM (Red Magician) Tarot is a limited edition deck created by artist Jay LeRoy. Being that it was originally meant to be the artist’s personal tarot, the artwork is a collage-based, subconsciously-driven interpretation of Hermetic and universal symbolism. The Red Magician Tarot is ©Jay LeRoy.

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