What Does The Deck Say? October 07 2016

Each suit in the Bag of Bones playing card deck tells a visual story progressing from Ace to Ten. A heartwarming lamia, a persistent gardener, a spider’s catch, and a clumsy walker make for quick stories. The court cards stand alone, but have tales for themselves. For those wishing something more pleasant, Artiphany also has decks featuring dogs, kittens, and mermaids.

Today’s cards: Jack of Spades, 7 of Spades, & 2 of Diamonds.

Words hurt. Emotional pain can hurt like a heart attack and leave lasting damage. That’s not just busybody gossip. That is an intentional act of war meant to hurt you in a way you can’t fight back. Remember you don’t have to be buddy-buddy with your coworkers to get a paycheck. You just have to do your job. If it takes salting the social ground for you to continue paying your rent, well, you have other places where you can find friends. Dry up the leeches.

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