What Does The Deck Say? October 03 2016

The Fey Tarot is the work of Mara Aghem. While the card names mostly track conventional tarot naming, the scenes differ from Pamela Coleman Smith’s renditions. Not all minors display the full pip count of their number. Rather, the scenes are meant to evoke the intuition of the reader rather than depend on long lists of regurgitated meanings.

Today’s cards: King of Pentacles, 8 of Chalices, & The Moon.

Under your control, that thing you are responsible for has flourished and thrived. All observers agree that you should continue leading the thing for maximum efficiency. I’m telling you to step down. Yes, you have done great things with it, but it has changed, and more importantly, so have you. If you remain at the helm of that thing, it may continue for decades to no ill effect, but you are going to struggle. You need to find where you belong now, and if that means spending some time in your personal wilderness, then go on. You need to find where you are happy for yourself, not for others.

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