What Does The Deck Say? November 19, 2021

Baraja Azteca: 7 Bastos, 4 Oros, & 8 Copas.

Today’s cards: 7 Bastos, 4 Oros, & 8 Copas.

You’re pretty good at your job and everyone there likes you well enough for it to be tolerable, but have you forgotten why you’re there in the first place? Your primary role in your life is to take care of yourself. Everything that you do, is to support that role. Don’t allow your personal benefits to be taken for the support of others in the name of “teamwork”. You need to fulfill your primary reason for being here: Enjoy what comes to you in the fullness that you can bear.

A Baraja Española deck, the Baraja Azteca is a 48 card deck of playing cards used for such games as Brisca, Tute, and Mus. This 48-card variant of the deck contains four suits; Oros (Coins), Bastos (Clubs), Espadas (Swords), and Copas (Cups). While the deck is made primarily for play, it functions well as a divination tool. Each reader uses their own personal understanding and intuition to interpret the cards.

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