What Does The Deck Say? May 16 2014

What Does The Deck Say was a daily feature at the Tumblog: Three More Cards. A fun little exercise, I will be restarting the series here. Each day will have a random pull of three cards from one of my cartomancy decks for public perusal. The goal is not to set the tone of the day, nor attempt any serious prognostication, but to have a context-free, fortune-cookie style, newspaper quality phrase of the day that we can all enjoy.

I originally started this using the Bosch Tarot deck to demonstrate how Atanassov’s meanings differed from Waite’s and Crowley’s oft-repeated systems. This led to some pinching of cloth in unwelcome areas as some took offense at not only using a different set of meanings than what they had expected, but my complete lack of decorum in doing so.

Ask twenty-five tarot readers to interpret one card, get fifty interpretations on the spot and another one hundred and fifty interpretations by evening. I encourage you readers (both cartomantic and otherwise) to leave a comment with what (not at all) solemn and deep words the posted cards inspire with you.

Today’s deck for “What Does The Deck Say” is the Bag of Bones playing card deck. I will be basing my interpretations on Cory Thomas Hutcheson’s book, “54 Devils“.

3 playing cards: 9 of Hearts, Ace of Hearts, & 10 of Clubs
From the Bag of Bones playing card deck: 9 of Hearts, Ace of Hearts, & 10 of Clubs.

“You were looking forward to a new start but you weren’t betting on a new love to come along and complicate matters. No panicking allowed. Take it in stride. This is the beginning of your Happily Ever After.”

See something different in the cards? The comment box will be open for fourteen days after post date. Have at it!

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