What Does The Deck Say? March 24, 2020

Universal Waite: Queen of Wands (reversed), King of Wands (reversed), & 10 of Cups.

Today’s cards: Queen of Wands (reversed), King of Wands (reversed), & 10 of Cups.

Before you can get to the happy, you’ll have to endure the unhappy. But you don’t have to participate in it. When the people who think they are the grown-ups start having a go at each other, don’t try to pick sides or to engage the sycophants trying to earn brownie points. Just leave them to themselves and enjoy the peace and quiet that you’ll get being off to yourself. Just know that this is the eye of the storm and eventually the consequences are going to spill out to everyone around.

The Universal Waite is Mary Hanson-Roberts’ recolored rendition of the Waite-Smith deck. Nearly identical lining is softened by gentle coloring. Some faces have been reworked to be more pleasing to the eye. The Universal Waite Tarot is ©US Games Systems, Inc.

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