What Does The Deck Say? March 19, 2021

Eight of Swords, Death [XIII], & Four of Wands. ©Jay LeRoy.

Today’s cards: Eight of Swords, Death [XIII], & Four of Wands.

So that happened. The mark that it chiseled into you is going to take a long time to heal, but healing is possible. Don’t focus on what you weren’t able to bring with you. Look at yourself and what did come through. The pressure didn’t erase you, just reshaped you, and now it’s time to learn what else are you capable of as you set yourself on the ground and begin establishing who you have become.

The RM (Red Magician) Tarot is a limited edition deck created by artist Jay LeRoy. Being that it was originally meant to be the artist’s personal tarot, the artwork is a collage-based, subconsciously-driven interpretation of Hermetic and universal symbolism. The Red Magician Tarot is ©Jay LeRoy.

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