What Does The Deck Say? March 17 2015

This 39 card deck by Caitlín Matthews and Virginia Lee includes two sets of Man and Woman cards, along with an extra Diviner card. The two sets of Man and Woman allows the reading to be tailored to the circumstances of the Querent. One pair is portrayed with light skin and the other pair is portrayed with dark skin. The unused cards are removed from the deck before shuffling. The Diviner (37) is not required for Lenormand reading. I include it with my throws as it makes an excellent “pay attention to what follows” card.

Today’s cards: Cloud + Path + Lily.

The Enchanted Lenormand Oracle: Cloud + Path + Lily.
The Enchanted Lenormand Oracle: Cloud + Path + Lily.

An important decision must be settled today, even though the information you have been given is ambiguous and contradictory. Rely on the wisdom and experience of those gone before to make a firm choice. It will not be accepted quietly by all, but you are the one that has to carry the consequences. Do what you find to be right under the circumstances.

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