What Does The Deck Say? July 7, 2020

Universal Tarot of Marseille: 8 of Cups, The Tower [XVI], & The Magician [I].

Today’s cards: 8 of Cups, The Tower [XVI], & The Magician [I].

Take a good look at the assumptions that shore up where your heart resides. The siege to those beliefs has already begun to crack the facade and it won’t take long before you’re confronted with the truth you ignore in public but snuggle up to every night. As painful as it may be, let those pieces fall and pay close attention to what is withstanding the onslaught. The same truth you have been trying to avoid will be what carried you through to safety.

The Universal Tarot of Marseille is primarily based on a Swiss deck created in 1751 by by Claude Burdel. The pips have color backgrounds to assist readers with distinguishing suite and the majors have had the lines refined and color backgrounds added to soften the overall look. The Universal Tarot of Marseille is ©Lo Scarabeo.

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