What Does The Deck Say? July 23, 2020

Corvid Romantic: 3 of Feathers, King of Feathers, & 6 of Roses.

Today’s cards: 3 of Feathers, King of Feathers, & 6 of Roses.

Do you want the thing? Don’t bother trying to explain why you have been prevented from obtaining the thing. This is already well known to everyone within ear shot. You already know what needs to be done to get the thing. Just as you know what fear is getting in the way of moving forward. How bad do you want the thing? Bad enough to face your fear and pierce it? Prove it.

The Corvid Romantic Playing Cards are a “poker” deck designed and illustrated by Megan Weber. Under the name of “Zaheroux“, she showcases her nature and magic inspired artwork. Please note that the Corvid Romantic’s Feathers are read as Clubs, the Bones are read as Spades, the Crystals are read as Diamonds, and the Roses are read as Hearts.

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