Corvid Romantic: King of Crystals, 5 of Roses, & Queen of Roses.

What Does The Deck Say? July 22, 2019

The Corvid Romantic Playing Cards are a “poker” deck designed and illustrated by Megan Weber. Under the name of “Zaheroux“, she showcases her nature and magic inspired artwork. Please note that the Corvid Romantic’s Feathers are read as Clubs, the Bones are read as Spades, the Crystals are read as Diamonds, and the Roses are read as Hearts.

Today’s cards: King of Crystals, 5 of Roses, & Queen of Roses.

Before you can manage the affairs of your heart, you have to manage the affairs of your wallet. It sounds callous and impersonal at first, until you realize you are really managing desire and balancing your needs with your wants. As you get your income and expenses under control, you will see how those same decisions will affect who you indulge yourself with, why, and how. Take care of yourself.

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