What Does The Deck Say? July 20, 2020

Red Magician Tarot: Ace of Disks, Eight of Cups, & King of Swords.

Today’s cards: Ace of Disks, Eight of Cups, & King of Swords.

Of everything you could have picked up to carry with you today, it was a double helping of melancholy. Well. You put that right back where you found it and pick up a reason to get through the day instead. It doesn’t have to be productivity. It could be as small as being able to say tomorrow that you got through today. Take your wins where you can find them.

The RM (Red Magician) Tarot is a limited edition deck created by artist Jay LeRoy. Being that it was originally meant to be the artist’s personal tarot, the artwork is a collage-based, subconsciously-driven interpretation of Hermetic and universal symbolism.

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