Red Magician: Balance [XIV], Nine of Swords, & The Tower [XVI].

What Does The Deck Say? July 18, 2019

The Legacy of the Divine is a work of art by Ciro Marchetti. Warm images tell a fantastic story across rural, urban, and fantasy settings. A visually inviting deck, it has hints of esotericism for those that are seeking such things, but those hints do not interfere with those that do not. Deck artist: Ciro Marchetti.

Today’s cards: Balance [XIV], Nine of Swords, & The Tower [XVI].

This is gonna hurt until it stops hurting. But it will hurt more if you do nothing about it and hope it goes away on its own. Facing the truth of oneself is never easy, and you will raise more questions than you will finally answer. But the Work is needed if you are going to continue. So continue.

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