What Does The Deck Say? January 24, 2020

Bosch Tarot: 9 of Wands, 8 of Chalices, & 9 of Chalices.

Today’s cards: 9 of Wands, 8 of Chalices, & 9 of Chalices.

You’ve done all that you can to do prepare. Stop trying to guess what happens next. You’ll burn yourself out as you attempt to imagine every possible response, which will leave you unable to properly respond to what does eventually happen.

The Bosch Tarot is a series of collages based on the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch. Using a unique set of meanings that doesn’t always aligns with Waite, it will sometimes read direct, and sometimes read like a koan. It is a good deck for introspection and examination of internal motives. The Bosch Tarot is presented by Atanas A. Atanassov and ©Lo Scarabeo.

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