What Does The Deck Say? January 16, 2018

Bryan Lahr’s Wyzard of Odd tarot deck is constructed with literally images of smoke and mirrors, and has the margins lined with correspondences from other religious and esoteric practices. The oversize deck is also good for single card contemplation as the images fold onto themselves and the viewer.

Today’s cards: Four of Disks, Three of Cups, & Knight of Swords.

The weight of your responsibilities will keep you grounded today, but that will not stop your heart from soaring above your achievements. Spend today sitting still in the security of what you have been able to complete thus far. Then, once you have noted what resources remain, plan ahead for the next part of your journey. It’s a lot of armchair plotting, but this relative break will keep you from stumbling later.

Note: In the Wyzard of Odd deck, the Knights are equivalent to Kings.

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